Why Are Some People Gay

Why Are People Gay

There are millions of gay men all over the world, and they are either out in the open or hiding their true sexuality. Thankfully, there are outstanding gay men dating sites that you can trust in order to help you indulge in safe and super fun gay sex interaction. However, despite the acceptance of society about the gay population, there are still questions about the origin of gay men. What are the driving factors that make a man homosexual? Have you ever wondered why you are attracted to the same-sex? You may be happy with your sexual orientation, but it is okay to be curious about your homosexuality.

What Drives Sexual Orientation In People?

Science and technology have come a long way for years, but despite all the innovation, no brilliant scientist can say with complete confidence what truly causes homosexuality. Of course, there are many speculations as to the factors that lead you to become gay, but no scientific proof yet. But whatever the cause of getting attracted to the same-sex, being gay do have plenty of advantages. And as a human being, you deserve all the happiness and luck in the world, just like your heterosexual counterparts. Additionally, it would not hurt to explore some possibilities that lead to your wonderful life as a gay man.

  • Genetic – many people blame genetics as the cause of being gay. But if you think about it, if genes has something to do with it, then the family tree of those with gay men in the folds would have stopped to reproduce a long time ago. Plus, in one family, not everyone is gay.
  • Peer influence – another conjecture why someone is gay is peer pressure. There are indeed parents who wish for a girl baby but ends up with a son. And they consciously or unconsciously influence their boy to become homosexual. Also, having gay friends may affect your view at sexuality and dating.
  • Fratermal Birth Order Defect – one of the best theories about homosexuality is the idea that males with many older brothers are more likely to become gay.
  • Epigenetic Link – another likely theory of sexual orientation is the epi-marks link. These marks are not obliterated, but rather passed on to generations, but not all children has them. And that explains why not all family members are gays.

Whatever people may say about homosexuality, you need to believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay. You should open yourself to online dating and meet hundreds of gay men who are looking for either casual hookups or serious dating.  Besides, you are not alone in the world. There are so many homosexual people in the planet, and you all belong to an LGBTQ community. Which stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer or Questioning. In fact, homosexual people are having a blast with online dating, thanks to the existence of gay men dating sites in the world. But exactly how many people are part of this amazing community?

How Many Members Are There In The LGBTQ Community?

The best homosexual dating platform shows that there are over five million members of the site. But of course, not all gay men join online dating for fear of discrimination. Some are still hiding in the closet, pretending to live a happy life. Luckily for you,  you have embraced the beauty of being gay and is happy with your sexual orientation.

The fact is, 2% to 11% of the entire world population is a member of the LGBTQ community. Some are open about it, and others are still testing the waters. And whenever the members are ready, the most reliable gay dating sites will welcome them with open arms. As for you, you should continue to find a lover who compliments your passion. And if casual sex is what you are after, then have superior fun at the best virtual scene in the globe.

Without a doubt, online gay dating is the perfect experience for everyone in the LGBTQ family. You have all the tools needed to meet and date sensual users. Sign up for free.

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