Best Older Gay Dating Sites

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The search for a partner is much like a beating heart. It is a lifelong process, and as long as you live, you will need someone. The sites we will discuss here understand that and have come up with services specifically for older gay people looking for partners. Below will be a list of these sites and some reviews to help you choose which might be right for you. After extensive research, these sights have been seen as the best dating sites for gay mature men, and if you are a senior gay, hold tight; you need to read this.


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Buddygays is an amicable gay dating site with a familiar uncluttered ambiance. The beautiful color palette gives you a feeling of familiarity and safety. Though not clear how many users it has, 80% of its users are American. As soon as you open the home page, you are given a form to fill in your general information and extra information to help you fit in filters when others want to look up someone like you. Not limited to gay hook-ups only, users can go to Buddygays and find love and even companions or buddies. The filter information also includes age, making it easy for older gay males or people who want older gay males to meet up.

Gaystryst main page

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Gaystryst is one site that you are guaranteed to get a satisfactory dating experience. It applies to users of all demographics, and thus even older gay guys can find love and just a buddy to talk to. Rated with 4 stars at and the 11th best gay dating site, Gaystryst is a definite way of finding someone to be with. Gaystryst has 350 000 users from the United States and over 100 000 active weeklies. Your chances of meeting someone to be with are very high. Though some users complain that weeklies are filled with fake accounts and scams, it is predominately a rewarding site for gay men.

Gaysgodating main page

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For older gay men, gaysgodating is a site that must be seriously considered. It is for a couple of reasons: though most of its users are from 25 to 34, it has lots of members over this age group in its 500 000-user membership. Once you sign in, you chose a group or gay tribe you identify with to make yourself more available to other users, and the groups include twinks, bears, etc. Users are skeptical about it because it is part of the together network of dating apps, which cannot bring the best results. However, it is quite a legit dating app. It is easy to use, and that makes it a favorite for senior gay users.


adam4adam in uk

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Adam4Adam or A4A is one of the biggest gay dating sites out there. It has been in the gay dating site game since 2003. Since then, it has gained about 10 million users because of its openness to diversity and user-oriented interface. Adam4Adam is the best dating site for older gays because of this one reason; it probably has the highest pool for mature gay men to find others like themselves. With both app and site you can use, it offers gay causal sex for senior males at their fingertips. It has created a reputation for itself in the gay community. And most users view it as the best and only viable option for gay online dating.

SilverSingles main page

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Silversingles is a dating service specifically made for users over the age of 50. If you are a senior looking for someone like yourself to be with, silversingles is the right place for you without bumping into youngsters. Silversingles, unlike the rest of the services in this review, is for both heterosexual and homosexual dating. It should not deter you because out of the 100 000 members it has and the 5000 members that visit weekly, many older gay males looking for companionship. The best thing about it Is the personality test that you must take, which feeds into its algorithm to connect with the most compatible partner. If you want a gay dating experience with compatible people, you are free to try!

Challenges of Older Gay Dating

Older gay dating is no walk in the park – we can agree about that. It is usually much more difficult for an older gay man to find someone for his young counterparts. One of the problems they face is the inability to tap into the online dating arena because of the inability to navigate computers and smartphones properly.

The other challenge is the fear of going out there and trying out there. Some older people are afraid of trying to date after being out of the game for so long or any other insecurity. However, we say, don’t be afraid to get back on the horse because there are people out there looking for someone exactly like you, and because yes, you too deserve to be happy with someone.

Also, there is the issue of a small pool of people to choose from. However, it should not deter one from finding love because it might be just around the corner. If you have people around, always ask for assistance to use dating apps or go to dating sites and help to find good meeting places for dates because the world of online dating has made it easy for everyone to find someone.


Who do I find on older-gay dating sites?

Older dating sites are dating services and communities for older people. And as such, on older gay dating sites, you find many older gay males looking for partners for casual relationships or long-term commitments. With some of them offering personality tests and having matchmaking algorithms, you will find older gay or middle-aged males in different careers with many tastes and views on life; there will be someone for you.

How do older gay dating sites work for gay singles in the UK?

Older gay dating sites use various algorithms and functions for their senior users to ensure maximum returns and higher chances of finding partners.  These sites’ most common way to help older gays find partners find love is through filters where users filter their search by age and body type. And it makes senior users find partners easily. Some sites have questionnaires where you answer questions about your personality, and that, coupled with complex matchmaking algorithms, matches you to your most compatible partners. Others are even easier to use because they are specially made for older people. And every user found there is within their age group, making the live-finding experience much easier.

Now that you know about the best dating sites for older gay guys – do not hesitate to try them today!