Best Dating Sites, Birmingham Version!


In a world of scams and counterfeits, quality is rare. And finding the perfect service for gay dating is much like looking for the lost city of Atlantis. Knowing this, we have done some treasure hunting for you for the best dating sites users from Birmingham should use if they are looking for gay partners or gay hook-ups. We have incorporated many variables such as membership, user reviews, and meet-up success rates to come up with our list of the best dating sites for folks in Birmingham.


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Buddygays is probably one of the first sites people think about whenever gay online dating is talked about. Because it is efficient and fun to use dating up with a lot of pros, such as:

  • It is completely safe to use and has fewer scam risks because of its verification.
  • It has personality tests that help connect you to your most compatible potential partners.
  • It is exclusively for men, making it less hard for you as you don’t have to swipe through unnecessary straight people or women but just the ones you need.

It does have one flaw, which is that it does not have a mobile app. And for that, it receives an easy 4 stars.

Gaystryst main page

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The welcoming blue and green colors on the interface are just the tip of the iceberg of gaystryst’s features. If you are in Birmingham, you must use the gay dating site. It is because of many reasons. The site jabber hands it an even 4-star rating. It falls short of having a 5-star rating because it is far from being immune from scams. It has an amazing membership of 350 000 users worldwide. The membership is so large that as soon as you sign up before you put a profile picture, messages will flood you.

Gaysgodating main page

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Gaysgodating is an amicable community for gay males worldwide who want to engage in either casual or long-term commitments. Controlled by the reputable Timespace Services Limited, it offers a similar interface with It is a convenient service with an app and a membership of 250000; finding a partner will be easy. It has tribes, where you choose a group or tribe you identify with like twinks, geeks, jocks, and many others. It earns three stars because it does not have an app yet, and it is a bit difficult to meet people at times.  It has a three-day free trial and a weekly premium fee of 6.02, 24.90 per month, and 41.40 for three months. Considering its benefits, it is very affordable.

onlylads main page

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Onlylads is a website gay-owned and operated dating service for gay and bisexual guys to hook up and find partners. With both a website and mobile app to use, it is a convenient way for gay guys to find people to hook up with. The site prides itself on having over 3 million users around the world from all age groups. If you are new, it gives you a one-day premium membership trial to see how good it is. Though many users are from the US, a considerable number are from countries like the UK, so yes, in Birmingham, there are plenty of guys for you. If you pay a premium of 12.95 per month, you can turn off ads, view unlimited profiles, and your messages are unlimited, too, among many other awesome perks.

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Visit Site is a male dating site that has been on the online dating scene for over 7 years and has been serving its users well since then. It has a clean and uncluttered look, and it does not confuse at all. It, however, gets maybe 2-star reviews because of some reasons. Users complain about the number of scammers on the site who are looking for money or any other shady business.

Challenges of Gay Dating in Birmingham

Dating in Birmingham comes with its challenges. For one, without the use of dating apps, it isn’t easy to meet the ideal person on the streets. It takes longer and countless pointless dates to find the person for you.

Another challenge comes when you try some dating apps. The challenge you face is that the sites will be teeming with scams and fake accounts that are only there for bogus reasons. Though they might be safe and much more convenient to use for other sites, still finding compatible matches and meeting up with them will be difficult.


What kind of people do I find on gay dating sites in Birmingham?

You will find a wide range of people on dating sites in Birmingham. Most of them will be between 25 years and 34 years old. But there is also a significant number of them on either side of the spectrum. These gay guys come in all shapes and sizes. There are different groups of them, from twinks, geeks, bears, and daddies. Most of these dating sites let users enter their ethnicity. And with their growing diversity, you will have users from all ethnicities.

How do dating sites work for people in Birmingham?

Dating sites are quite handy for people in Birmingham. Most of them are location-specific, which is a good thing because if you are in Birmingham, they will point you in the direction of the people you want who are close to you. It makes meetings and hook-up particularly easy and convenient. You take some personality tests so that the algorithms find you people who fit like a glove.