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Famous Gay Men

Gay men have been an integral part of our society, either openly or in the shadows of being a “gentleman”. However, with social acceptance becoming a norm, these men do not have to hide their sexuality. As a result, most don’t. And while there exists some that famous gay men that still need that courage and inspiration to come forward — let’s recognise the ones that came out proudly.

And also hear what they have to say about being gay, coming out, the hardships, the reward because these individuals are the ones that are actually making out society more inclusive and present a sweeping history that even the gay men can be the crème de la crème of the community.

That said, let’s see 10 famous gay men and their stories in brief:

Tim Cook

Probably the most influential gay man in the tech industry, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook came out openly during an interview to the famous Bloomberg Business magazine, saying, “I consider being gay is one of the greatest gifts God has given me.”. In the same year, Cook, along with his famous Apple liaisons, attended the San Francisco gay pride parade and has been ever since.

In the same interview back in 2014, Tim also said that he was motivated by his kids’ letters fighting to recognise their own sexual orientation. Although he came out late, the story of him coming out — motivates others that it is never late to come out and publicly accept — who you are.

Alan Turing

Recognised as “man who won WW2 for the allies single-handedly,” Alan Turing solved the enigma that helped the allied countries crack the German codes. These codes were nothing but the GPS coordinates of where to attack — from high-ranking officials of the German army. So, cracking the code helped them know the locations of the attack beforehand and be ready to attack when the enemies started the fight. A brilliant mind he was, Alan took his own life, given the strict laws against homosexuals in England during that time.

The movie — The Imitation Game — is based on his life.

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk’s name will be engraved in the American political system for his utmost contributions to LGBTQ+ rights. He was also the first (official) gay man to be elected on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1977. But even before becoming an official representative, Harvey was quite famous for his immense contributions to gay men’s rights back in the 70s. A part of him becoming the elected official in California was these rights.

But not after he came into the office, Harvey was assassinated. He, along with Moscone, was assassinated by Dan White in 1978.

Barney Frank

Barney Frank is remembered for his fight against the ban of Antigay discrimination when he was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Nonetheless, only a few individuals actually know that besides being an activist, his sexual identity was gay. At the time of his retirement, Barney was one of the most successful and famous gay men when it comes actually to make out something of the given term. He went on to play a major role in the 21st-century financial-sector regulation. Nonetheless, only a few realise his sexual status and his fight for gay rights back in the 80s.

James Baldwin

The famous American Author James Baldwin dealt with the real hardships of being a famous gay man in the USA of 1970. So much so that his private office was thrashed by the FBI. In connection that he might be promoting the Black and famous gay fights in the USA. But to their surprise, they did not find any such evidence. Compared with the like of Van Gogh of the 19th Century, James Baldwin’s writing actually reveals what gay plus Black individuals felt back in the 60s of the USA.

Bayard Rustin

Known for his role in Black rights movements in the 1970s, Bayard Rustin also participated in the LGBT-oppressive 1940s and ’50s. Bayard was the Chief Organiser of the 1963 March on Washington, where Martin Luther King gave his famous speech, “I have a dream.”. Nonetheless, Bayard was not always remembered for his fight against. And he would not be on this list if it weren’t for the former and only famous Black President of the United States, who posthumously awarded Bayard with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2013.

Troy Perry

Founder of the Metropolitan community church and celebrated among the LGBTQ+ religious-minded people, Rev. Troy Perry is a gay rights and human rights activist. But unlike most famous people, his fights are new. Troy has been fighting the system since 1972 when he released his autobiography, “The Lord Is My Shepherd, and He Knows I’m Gay.”. In the autobiography, you will find Troy’s struggles of being a gay man in the US Army during his service from 1965 to 1967. Perry retired himself to the church in 2005 and now is 80 years old.

Oscar Wilde

If you weren’t living in a cave for the last 500 years, you must have heard the name of Oscar Wilde. Oscar Wilde, an Irish writer-poet, is known for his novels like The Picture of Dorian Gray. Back in his time, Oscar published numerous articles questioning the Victorian regime ban on homosexuality, for which he was also arrested for two years. Still, even after being released from his sentence, Oscar went back like any famous men stories of the 1500s and continued his work and oppression towards the anti-gays laws of the Victorian regime.

Harry Hay

Quoted as the likes of Gandhi, Churchill, and the aforementioned Oscar Wilde, Harry Hay is popular for works like “Unity among Minority.’ Harry was a prominent American gay rights activist, communist, and labour advocate who went on to fight the American system like any other famous gay man of his time. His views on radical faeries and other loosely affiliated gay spiritual movements are respected and viewed highly in the LGBTQ community even today.

Sir Elton John

Yes, the famous Rocketman, England’s charm, is a gay who was earlier hesitant of admitting his sexuality. While Elton being gay was news in 1988, he opened about him bisexual even before that, i.e., 1976. Still, given the strict laws of the UK — Elton did not have the courage to come forward and accept his homosexuality. Nonetheless, in 1988 he publicly announced his homosexuality, saying, “Forever Gay”. After the new rules of England — allowing gay men to marry that Elton married in 2014 to his famous gay partner.

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