Best Gay Chubby Dating Sites

Gay Chubby Dating

Dating is lots of fun, but it can be challenging to find a gay partner when you’re seemingly surrounded by only straight singles! If you prefer chubby men over skinny guys, the dating pool shrinks even more, making finding a man seem nearly impossible. However, don’t despair—to help you out, we’ve put together this short list of five of the best gay dating sites to find your ideal chubby partner! Some you might have heard of before; others may be new to you. Regardless of which site you sign up for, love is only a few clicks away, so don’t wait. Sign up now!

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Although not specifically for gay men, SugarBBW is a great site for guys looking to find a chubby partner. You’ll have thousands of local and far-away men to chat with, and since this site can be used both for hookups and dating, the options are pretty much limitless! On the plus side, profiles are quite detailed, so you’ll be able to learn a bit about someone before starting to chat. A minus? Most features are limited to paying members, so we recommend purchasing the six-month plan ($101.94) to get the best deal.

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Again, this site isn’t specifically for gay dating, but there are many chubby guys online looking for a male partner. Unfortunately, the site is designed only for straight people, so you’ll be weeding through the mud quite a bit to find a partner. Still, they are there, so with a bit of effort, you’ll be able to meet a big man to take you out on a date. Some features are free, but you’ll need to spend a bit of money if you want to get all of the benefits.

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If you’re looking for a dating service that helps create meaningful connections, then BBWCupid is a good place to look. Using a personality test to match chubby members, BBWCupid allows singles to find local, compatible gay singles with ease. Free users can message premium members and use most of the features on the site; there’s even a dedicated mobile app! If you want to be able to message other free users, though, you’ll need a membership plan. Fortunately, membership is pretty cheap, starting at $8.33/month.


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Created back in 2015, WooPlus specializes in connecting plus-sized singles, which makes it the perfect dating site to find a gay bi Glasgow chubby boyfriend! This popular site allows members who match to chat for free but also lets them chat with non-matched members as well (although you will need to pass a few fun challenges!). In addition to the website version, there is also an app available, which can be used on both iOS and Android devices. Pricing is extremely affordable, costing as little as $5/month when you purchase the year-long plan. main page

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Unlike the previous dating services listed above, this site is made specifically for gay chubby men to connect and find love! This site offers the majority of features completely for free, although you will be limited in the number of times you can use them. Still, this gives you enough to meet men online without needing to pay a dime! If you’re interested in unlimited messaging (for those can’t-miss conversations!), you’ll need only pay $6.99/month!

How to Find a Relationship With a Gay Chubby Man

When it comes to finding the perfect gay chubby partner, you have a couple of different options. Many chubby gay guys take the more traditional approach to dating, but thanks to the rise of the internet, you have many more efficient options that can help connect you with your perfect gay chubby partner in no time! Here are the usual dating options to choose from:

  • Going out – The most basic (and most time-consuming) way to meet other gay chubby men is by going out and trying to find them in town. You might head down to the bar, go to a club on the weekend, or simply hope to run into a nice guy while you’re running errands. Unfortunately, this dating strategy relies entirely on luck, so you should try something else if you want to meet a guy right away.
  • Social media – This is a great way to make new friends, but it’s not so great for dating. Many of the people you talk to on social networks will already be in relationships, and you risk coming off weird even if they’re not already taken! Most people don’t expect someone to ask them out over social media, so while this method may work, it doesn’t give you the best chance at success.
  • Online dating websites – This is the pinnacle of quick dating success. Since these sites are designed specifically for connecting singles with other singles, you can rest assured that everyone you talk to is actively searching for a relationship, which eliminates any chances of time wasted. You’ll be able to cut to the chase, determine what each other is looking for, and get to know each other before your first date.


How Do I Pick the Best Gay Chubby Dating Site for Me?

It all depends on the type of gay relationship you’re looking for. If you want to start seriously dating a chubby guy, then you’ll need to join a dedicated dating site. On the other hand, if you’re only looking for a hookup, dedicated dating sites may not be the best option. You’ll also need to consider the features, prices, and limitations of each site. Some chubby gay dating sites may offer more features for free, but if they don’t have as many members, you may struggle in finding a match. On the other hand, some sites may require you to get a membership for unlimited chat but then also give access to a larger user base.

What’s the Best Way to Meet Other Gay Chubs?

Joining a dedicated online community for gay/bi Glasgow chubs and chasers is the best way to meet other men and find your perfect partner. They don’t rely on luck since they’re filled with single men actively looking for relationships, and many are even free to use! Online dating also has the advantage of being able to chat with multiple men at once, which you can’t really do (without seeming rude) at a bar or club. We’ve included our top five choices for gay chubby dating services in the list above, but there are also many other options for you to consider if none of the above options seem to fit your needs. Remember, use a dedicated dating service if you’re searching for a real relationship, and stick to more casual sites if you’re only interested in finding a hookup. The options above should give you a good starting point, but feel free to head over to GaysBonding if you’re interested in learning about other chubby gay dating sites!