How to Be a Gay

How to Be a Gay

So, before you get annoyed, perplexed, and perhaps even disappointed that someone could conceive the thought, be at peace. It is not a guide for a straight boy on how to change sexual orientations overnight like there is an on/off switch available.

We have all come to accept, wholeheartedly too, that being gay is not a choice. Some grow into it from early childhood, while others only get to embrace it in adulthood. 

Guess the question now is what’s the deal with the title? This article covers a few key aspects known to many who came out of the closet years ago, yet news to a newly out-and-proud lad. Incidentally, these are by no means rules on gay living. They are simple tips and tricks to help you thrive as a gay man. 

  • Dress the Part 

Albeit not all gay men fancy elaborate clothing, dressing in drag creates an atmosphere of embracing one’s feminine side while keeping masculinity in check.

No man is in touch with their feminine side like a gay man, and one way of showcasing this is dressing up like a woman. While doing it in private may seem acceptable, the only way to fully realize your feminine side and fully embrace it is through drag.

In a nutshell, men have always been told to steer clear feminine characteristics, even hiding them entirely. Thus, a gay man should have no qualms expressing why it’s okay being a man who doesn’t shy away from his feminine side. 

  • Relate with a Diva 

Divas come in all shapes and sizes, so do gay men. Having a diva you adore, perhaps even worship is important. Find yourself a celebrated queen who doesn’t have to be bisexual; neither does her orientation need to be explored.

If you fancy a strong woman like Hillary Clinton, keep up with her pursuits. If you rather foxy ladies with a knack for scandals, why not to follow Courtney Cox and her escapades? TV personalities and show hosts like Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah Winfrey are revered the world over, and these might be your liking.

It all boils down to femininity, and any prominent woman in society, no matter her field of work, or entertainment, will help a gay man get in touch with his femininity. 

  • Fight – Albeit Not Physically 

Take to the streets if you have to and join a protest against the discrimination of gays at the workplace or the unfortunate harassment of an LGBTQ member.

If you’d rather do it in a formal setting, be sure to visit a gay parade within your area. Gay pride is celebrated in different parts of the world annually, from the USA, the United Kingdom, and even some parts of Africa. Truth be told, the best part of being gay is to understand what it is like to be marginalized.

Therefore, joining a cause fighting for the rights of minorities or a demonstration for the rights of women concerning political positions are all sound objectives. 

  • Develop or Embrace Your Gaydar 

It is important for several reasons, including security. When you finally come out of the closet, you may find it difficult to engage with other like-minded people, but only because you can’t seem to pinpoint them.

Making use of your seventh sense or instincts is crucial because you may be in your comfort zone and don’t know it. Developing a gaydar will give you peace of mind and get you connecting with people a lot quicker at parties, in bars, or even at a seminar.

Also, summers creep up on us when we least expect it, especially when we are single. As a gay man, your gaydar will help you spot gay men with the quickness for fun strolls around the beach and even more exciting evenings. 

With that said, here a few frequently asked questions highlighting a few key aspects of being gay.


How Does One Know They Are Gay?

Although some claim that having sexual desires toward the same sex outright makes you gay, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Dreaming of sleeping with the opposite sex doesn’t make you straight, nor does fantasizing of an encounter with the same sex make you necessarily gay. There is no black and white of establishing if you are gay. However, there are degrees of sexual diverseness, leading you to know if you are gay, straight, or somewhere in between. 

When Are Gay Pride Events Held?

For the most part, gay pride takes place during June every year. However, gay parades can start anywhere from June to July up until August. Those being the case, one can attend an event in June, perhaps in New York City, and make it for a gay parade in Madrid in July, then head to Amsterdam for a gay parade in August.

What Are the Health Implications of Being Gay?

Actually, they are the same as being straight. Just like you shouldn’t go about having unprotected sex with females, the same applies to sex with other men. Besides protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases, you may want to protect your mental health from people who condemn your lifestyle. It is your life to live, not theirs, so embrace it wholeheartedly and unrepentantly. 


There is plenty to get involved in as a gay man and much more to be achieved once you proclaim your sexuality. As a teen girl naive of the goings-on of dating, gay men can be gullible in matters of gay dating and living. Pay attention to healthy living tips as a gay man; enjoy a life filled with sunny days and intimate fun. 

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