Celebrities Who Are Gays

Celebrities Who Are Gays

One of the main reasons gays are finding it easier to come out of the closet is celebrities have made it cool. This coolness has nothing to do with short-running fads like baggy jeans or, indeed, jerry curls – not at all.

The cool aspect makes it okay for someone to be gay, no matter what their upbringing, traditions, family, or society may have to say. Some of these celebrities don’t have a hands-on approach to gay matters, but their popularity helps promote gay rights, profoundly so.

Here are gay celebrities you may know. At the very least, each of these celebrities has given a gay man or two, the confidence they need to navigate life. 

  • Tim Cook
Tim Cook Celebrities Who Are Gays

Yes, you read it correctly. Who could be better placed to signify that gay men can indeed hold office or run conglomerates, perhaps better than straight men? Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, probably the world’s most known and respected phone developer, came out in 2014 as a gay man. After years of professing a dire need for communities to discuss LGBTQ issues, he decided it was time he came out himself, which worked out well for him, giving confidence to others to follow suit. 

  • Clive Davis
Clive Davis Celebrities Who Are Gays

Clive Davis is a music mogul, well known and respected in the music industry. He highlighted a few gay-relationships he’d had in years past in a recent autobiography. Clive Davis is a man who breathed life into the late Whitney Houston career and was also responsible for reviving Billy Joel to name but a few artists. His name among top gay celebrities speaks volumes in terms of what gay men have and will continue to achieve – a plus for anyone dismissed as lacking potential due to their gay- orientation. 

  • Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean Celebrities Who Are Gays

On celebrities who capitalize on their status to help with the LGBTQ movement, Ocean doesn’t shy away from promoting gay awareness. His love for someone of the same sex became clear in 2012 via social media accounts. Since then, his celebrity status has only seen growth, his gay status notwithstanding. The respect and adoration he receives are profoundly stronger now, compared to what it was before he confessed to being gay. 

  • Jason Collins
Jason Collins Celebrities Who Are Gays

Being in the spotlight as a gay man is one thing, and being a gay athlete is quite another. Athletes, especially men, exude the traditional form of machismo. Jason Collins, a former NBA player, was an openly gay man playing in one of the world’s most masculine sports. Jason agrees that the world, or at least in the sports context, is not fully ready to embrace gay athletes and just let them be. In an article published in Sports Illustrated, Collins expressed his desire to see more athletes being out and proud, without facing ridicule and condemnation. 

  • Richard Pryor
Richard Pryor Celebrities Who Are Gays

You probably didn’t expect this, and neither did we. But, according to his widowed wife, Pryor was indeed gay and had a sexual encounter with Marlon Brando, which Brando talked about in an interview in 2018 with Vulture. During these prime years, few men, particularly black gay men, would dare to come out as gay, let alone profess it to the world. However, today’s society is a lot more accommodating as gay black celebrities profess their love for their heritage and sexual orientation. 


Who Was the First Openly Gay Celebrity?

There have been countless persons in the public eye who, in one way or another, initiated discourse on gay activism. However, Michael Kearns is the first American actor, director, producer, and activist to have come out as being gay. He was also HIV positive when he confessed his gay-orientation to the world.

Which Gay Celebrities Are Popular Today?

Ellen DeGeneres is perhaps the most popular gay celebrity at the moment. Her show not only draws in people from all walks of life, but she also fights relentlessly for the rights of LGBTQs.

Who’s the Most Popular Gay, Black Celebrity?

RuPaul shed light on being gay with his drag queen appearances and has since been revered as a beacon of freedom and empowerment in a cruel world. Aged 59 at the moment, he spends much of his life advocating LGBTQ rights.


While countless celebrities are gay, few have time to support the LGBTQ community. The above stars are the limited few who find time from their busy schedules to open doors for other gay men and women.

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