Wear These 10 Gay Underwear Brands for Maximum Sex Appeal

Wear These 10 Gay Underwear Brands

When you want to spice up your wardrobe, you need the best underwear brands. We’ve compiled a list of brands that look and feel good and comprise appropriate wear for your male body when seeking dates or meeting partners from free gay dating sites in real life. Throw out your well-worn or past-fashion underwear once you add these great choices to your collection.

Being a gay man means that you’re trying to attract other guys. However, they run the gamut from straight-acting, rugged men to effeminate men. Gay adults have different preferences when it comes to decorating and admiring the male body, including their guy’s twig and berries, when clad in the latest community underwear fashion. Keep your equipment looking its best and feel confident with the newest styles.

The next time your future boyfriend or casual friend sees you in the bedroom, you will be wearing one of these hot choices, and you’ll know you found the best tips online!


Print boxer trunks are a good choice. Find them everywhere from Poshmark to the manufacturer’s website. They come in solid colours and patterns. The material gives you breathing room, but they are snug enough to accentuate your physique.

Ralph Lauren

You don’t have to look much into the latest fashion magazines to know how popular this brand of underwear is. The newest looks are in muted colours, including solids and prints. If you like the colours blue, white, grey, red, and back, then these boxers, boxer briefs, bris, and stretch boxer briefs will fit your taste. Ordering these prints in multi-packs saves you money!

Under Armour

This brand is known for using bold colour combinations to make you stand out at home, at the gym, and on the runway. Expect to pay at least $20 per pair to get this unique look, the Boxerjock, which is a tight-fighting boxer brief in a short bicycle length.


This brand is outrageous in how it accentuates the male package and draws attention, especially to male dancers. The jockstraps, see-through briefs, and sexy wear, which are revealing, are fun to wear on any occasion. For example, the Ass Freedom style consists of only a waistband and a pouch to keep your package looking its best!

Calvin Klein

If you want maximum movement but still cover your junk, then the micro stretch thongs are a must-have. These underwear styles include the brand logo and come in bold and modest colours. The pouch will help you with adequate support without including too much fabric.

Tommy Hilfiger

Cotton boxer briefs and cotton stretch trunks are two popular styles in this brand. When you choose the natural fabric, you get proper ventilation and a sporty look. Keep in mind that any brand of cotton underwear fades faster than synthetic styles. Choose the colour scheme that fits your wardrobe choice. For example, a light blue or navy blue stretch trunk looks hot under a t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Matching is optional. Most of this brand includes the logo.


It takes a confident gay man with a great butt to pull off a pair of print bikinis. In this brand, you get the best of both worlds. It’s fun to order bikinis in different prints or go full-on with the jockstrap available in gay pride themes as well.

Abercrombie & Fitch

While it is hard to find gay pride colour prints or bikinis or backless bikinis in some brands for men, the name brands can offer both variety and style. For example, Abercrombie & Fitch offers a current selection of floral camo trunks. These are perfect for the guy who has an outdoorsy side and wears military or survivalist type clothing.


When you’re on a tight budget, look good in this brand’s styles. For example, try the Jockey form-fitting lightweight cotton thongs or black cotton stretch bikinis. The seam-free thongs, much like women’s panties, are barely there, and they don’t show under tight clothing or even white linen pants.


This upscale brand can cost upwards of $75 per thong or jockstrap. If you’re into high fashion, then investing in these quality underwear styles is best! The Greca Border jockstrap comes in patriotic colours like red, white, blue, and black and grey.

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