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  • It’s a less thank mediocre website with too many negative reviews: There have been claims of fraudsters on and accusations of credit cards being charged for no reason. These claims may be from disgruntled users who missed marriage opportunities online, but it’s worth being vigilant. Like all sites, users need to be vigilant from the onset. This review should provide much-needed to all. 

Living in the UK probably has you yearning for a decent website to meet and flirt with gay singles. It is easier said than done because certain online gay dating sites do not facilitate safe browsing. There are a number of sites boasting thousands of UK gay singles personals, including As far as security measures and ease of use, the site seems to be providing said services as per user requirements. However, the onus is on the user to decide if the benefits of this site outweigh the pros of alternative gay dating sites in the UK. Read our review as you plan to engage in local, online dating and decide if it is the right website to find men.

Breakdown of – Facts and Figures

The site is over a year old and subsequently has some credibility to it. It also boasts an SSL security certificate and is headquartered in Britain. The numbers on this site cannot be ascertained, although the site claims to have over half a million registered users worldwide and about half that number in Great Britain. was created primarily for casual sex encounters, leaving little room for anyone seeking long-term relationships. Unfortunately, the site boasts innumerable ads, which make it frustrating for men seeking a clean online resource to chat with other men. Some reviewers claim it boasts multiple ads from Eastern European Nationals, so it’s worth treading carefully as you peruse the site’s personals.

Pros and Cons of

With more cons than pros, the ball is in your court as you contemplate joining this matchmaking service.

Pros / Cons
  • Use Xolphin SSL certificates – it is pretty good for security and messaging purposes. 
  • You will find personals galore for members to peruse. 
  • The site has been around for ages – there is some credibility to it. 
  • There are numerous claims of fake adverts from Eastern European nationals.
  • Members claim to have had credit cards automatically billed with no explanation.
  • Some users couldn’t get refunds from support staff. It was claimed but never proved that they renewed their subscriptions.
  • Personals run by scammers have led people on dark dates, and some have lost money.
  • A few unsubstantiated claims of trafficking have been reported.
  • There is no downloadable Vivastreet app available.

Users – Demographics and Size

It is unclear how many registered users frequent this site. The recommended age is 18 and above, and a majority of users tend to be heterosexuals seeking casual sex. On that note, some of the personals seem to be recycled or copied from other sites. It’s easy to spot these scammers, but it gets annoying when simply need to meet cute gay single men. The age range seems to fall between the early twenties to late forties, but it’s hard to tell if said personals are authentic.

Key Features on

  • Search for people based on ads with pics, location, and type of dating. Users can specify gay dating in their vicinity as well as the age range on the search page.
  • Chatrooms are available as with most gay dating sites. These are fully encrypted, judging from the SSL certificates used.
  • There is an easy-to-use interface for both desktop and mobile browsing.
  • Chatrooms are available for intimate chats with local gay singles for a hookup.

Making Contact on

A guy can send messages on members’ profiles under the home page. You can click two icons to reveal phone numbers or send a message on the right side of the page. It is neat for gay dating men to engage discreetly and meet other users. As you search for members based on age and location, they may reach out directly via messages or calls, with notifications sent to email. Once you’ve successfully made contact, use the handy chatrooms to divulge your needs. If you need sex as opposed to long-term relationships, state that unambiguously. Guys join this online service for hookup reasons, no need to hide your desires. The platform provides intimate chat options in chatrooms, as well as SMS and phone chatting. Making contact is easy for the tech-savvy and not so technically inclined.

How to Try for Free

You can glance over free personals without signing up at all. Simply open on your desktop and click Free Personals. Ogle over countless gay men in the UK without paying a cent. However, if you need to engage others in chatrooms or send video messages, there is a need for an upgrade.


Check out these frequently asked questions regarding as you prepare to join the site.

Why Was My Vivastreet Ad Disabled?

There are a few rules regarding photo uploads. In summary, one ad is allowed per person, ads should not be too short or unclear, and they can take up to 24 hours to be approved.

Is This Site Legit?

It’s a popular site that has been running for ages to date. It’s legally recognized as a legitimate online matchmaking service.

How Do I Use the Site Safely?

Pay attention to red-flagged accounts and suspicious behaviours. Anyone soliciting money, financial information, or details of addresses is not well-intentioned. Stay wary of such scammers and report the same to customer support or report using the icon on profile pages.