Tinder Reviews

  • Members: 66,000,000 in the US
  • Globally: 80 million members
  • Log-ins daily: 3.2 million

The website has been listed among the best online dating websites of 2021 because whenever anyone uses the term, online dating Tinder is one of the first apps that come to mind.


Tinder is an American dating app, which has been the user’s first choice for dating and meeting new people around them. Since its launch in 2012, the user base has grown rapidly, with approximately 66 million users and availability in 190+ countries. Because of the huge global scale at which this app is available, all types of people, regardless of their ethnicities, nationality, and religion.

It is also known as one of the most popular bisexual dating apps, providing opportunities to all types of dating from tinder gay dating, straight and lesbian, amongst others. There are no age restrictions, and people from 16-65+ use it.

Pros & Cons

Pros / Cons
  • With 10 million+ daily users, it’s easier to find someone special
  • It’s a free dating app
  • When someone likes the profile, it automatically boosts confidence
  • Making new friends is easier
  • All kinds of relationships are accommodated
  • Open to scammers with bad intentions
  • Increased chances of cheating in a relationship
  • There is a big difference in the male and female ratio
  • Free profiles have only 100 likes available every 12 hours
  • Limited information on profiles

Member Structure

There are both free and paid members available, but most people using it, use it for free. People are looking for different types of relationships, be it serious, casual, hookups, friendships, etc. The profiles are mostly brief with pictures, a short bio, and a list of interests.

Sign up and Log in Process

Tinder Log in Process

The sign-up process is simple. It asks if you want to sign up with a Facebook account or Google or with a mobile number when signing up. While signing up with Facebook or Google, the only login with any of the two, accept all the permissions required, and the sign-up process is complete.

A few details are then entered to complete the profile, and the app is ready to use.

When signing up with a mobile number, a message is sent to the mobile number with a verification code. Once the verification code is entered, the user must fill in some personal information and allow the app with all required permissions, and the app is ready to use once the profile is complete.

When logging in, the same login details are required, which were used while signing up.


Profile Creation on Tinder

The profiles on Tinder are short and to the point. There is a must need for photos to be uploaded since it is the first thing that appears while someone is searching. Then the next step is to write a short introduction or a catchy phrase for the viewers. Lastly, it is not necessary, but it is recommended if a few interests and other information is shared to make the profile look better. I found the whole process very interesting and something that made me excited to use the app.

Making ContactTinder Making Contact

Since a lot of profiles appear daily and people like and dislike according to their preferences. It all starts once both the parties have liked the profile of one another, then both parties make contact. Once the conversation starts and both the parties tend to like each other or get attracted to one another, the parties try to meet if they are close locally.

Cost Pricing and Plans

This app is free to use, but if additional features are needed, then it provides three types of packages which are Tinder plus, Tinder gold, and Tinder platinum. All three come with monthly, six-month, and yearly packages. All the packages are ad-free and have unlimited likes.

The gold and platinum packages have more to offer than the plus package. The monthly cost for Gold is $14.99, while that of Plus is $4.99, only.

Tinder Special Features

Tinder has many special features that are divided into free and paid ones. The free features include easy sign-up and login, profile creation, geolocation, filters to search profiles, matching, and messaging features. In comparison, the paid features include unlimited likes, a free boost (once per month), and viewing the people who have liked your profile, amongst others. The free features are enough to get started and maybe find the right person for you!

Security and Support

Although this app has been the top pick for teens in dating, it has been one of the favorites among scammers due to its fewer security features. Since it’s a free feature and only shows the profile of nearby people, it is easy to guess the location of the people from pictures. But Tinder is trying to control these problems by adding some new security features in the future.

Experts Conclusion

After using it, I have learned why it had been one of the top choices for online dating in recent times. It offers various free features, and the app is easy to use, which is great for beginners. There is no need to upload a lot of information in the bio, which can benefit when security and safety are concerned. However, I noticed that sometimes the lack of information drifted it away from dating purposes and people only used it for hookups. The only downside? The app has some security flaws. Since it offers a lot of free features, it is loved by the masses – including me!


Is Tinder Safe to Use?

Just like any other app or website, it is not completely safe to use Tinder as you are required to give some information on your profile, and it can be easily viewed by strangers.

What is the Best Possible Way to Use Tinder?

Once you have signed up and made your profile, Tinder’s AI gives out some of the potential matches based on gender, age, and location with the help of filters you have used. You can view profiles one at a time, and you can swipe right to Like, or swipe left to Pass. This helps you find the best suitable match for you.

Is there a Way to Use Tinder and Stay Anonymous?

There is no way to use Tinder in anonymous mode, and you must create a profile to use.