This Sugardaddy Review Tells All

  • The Sugardaddy/Sugarbaby (male) relationship usually involves someone of financial means and a person seeking financial stability or at least exotic vacations or gifts.


Sugardaddy can be an age difference with the sugar daddy being older, but that’s not always the case. The website provides a mechanism for communications like any dating site with convenient matchmaking services. Read the complete descriptions and become a full member to view all photos belonging to your favourite Sugardaddy or Sugarbaby. Some user photos are marked as private.

Review Facts and Figures About

The site currently advertises 13,631 profiles related to the Gay Sugardaddy category. This site is presently poorly managed by the owners. While you can open a free account, you might experience multiple log-in issues as we had. For example, the profile got flagged as a bad user and had other issues with accessing the account even though no messages were sent or content posted on the site.

Then, when you try to respond to a customer support email address, you discover that the admin account does not exist, which makes it impossible to unsubscribe from marketing emails or get assistance without calling the telephone number.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • See who is online and who has just joined the site
  • View member profiles, including essays, location info, age, and physical stats, as well as some photos without a subscription
  • Choose who you will message based on their profile location and details
  • Attract attention from friends in other cities
  • Outdated site design
  • Limited customer service
  • Account creation and log-in issues
  • Limited member base
  • Low chance of finding your desired Sugardaddy situation

Getting to Know Sugardaddy Members

Before you start messaging members on this Sugardaddy app, you want to develop your profile fully. Choose a variety of recent pictures and write a friendly personal essay. members range in age from 18 to 80(+), according to our review, and they are seeking different kinds of personal relationships online. Members might be attached to one or more partners in real life, but they seek romantic, intimate, or friendly connections in different cities.

Men can use this site to find their next affair or long-term arrangement without worrying about being discovered. If you don’t want the world to know you’re looking for a Sugardaddy or Sugarbaby, then don’t make your pictures live because they can get misappropriated by anyone who accesses the database without a membership.

Free vs Paid Features

When creating an account with Sugardaddy app, mind there should be many users in your target city and effective networking features. For example, if there are many profiles of gay attractive men, especially of the salt and pepper variety, in your city, then you might get excited about finding a rich boyfriend and having amazing experiences with your benefactor. However, even if the dating profiles are impressive, if you get few responses from the members, then the site is not worth a paid subscription.

You could spend months trying to find your Sugardaddy, but you might not have better luck going to nightspots in your city and talking to people. Being out and about might attract more attention, but nowadays, it’s more reliable to have a static dating profile.

Many gay men find new friends and potential boyfriends by joining a big gym and focusing on looking their best, and being active in their community. They also go to Gay Pride events and try gay travel packages, including cruises.

Gay adults also network through other gay friends, including previous lovers, and hold out for a specific older man who will take them under their wing. Please be specific in the type of person you want and keep your standards high until you find your special man!


  • Post content
  • View profiles and descriptions
  • Try a 3-Day Membership for no cost
  • Do searches of different user types


  • Send and receive messages
  • Send a kiss
  • View full member profiles
  • Get featured in user searches
  • Get unlimited email storage
  • Get weekly lists of matches from the site

How to Contact Other Members on Sugardaddy

There is no Incognito Mode, but you can hide your profile from time to time. Members can choose to pay for Full Contact, which means anyone can send and receive messages. While the site advertises this paid feature that will connect you with up to 10 times as many people when using the site, be sceptical of its true value.

You’re better off being a free member and messaging people who have already purchased Full Contact. Also, keep in mind members might not update their pictures or essays for years, and they merely use the site to chat or find liaisons when they travel.


How to become a Sugardaddy verified member?

Currently, there is no information posted on how to become a Verified Member. As a new member, choose between the Diamond and Platinum memberships to receive the most exposure and maximize your social contacts on this dating site.

How to be safe at Sugardaddy?

Like all gay sugar daddy dating sites, never post your personal location or contact information. Be careful about how graphic you get when uploading your photos and marking them as private. You don’t want to attract sex offenders or human traffickers to your profile.