The Most Accurate Onlylads Review

  • Users : 1 million from all over the world
  • Visits from users: over 30 000 weekly
  • Age : members from all over 18.

On this review, we will take a deeper look into the dating site, looking into everything it offers to its members, its prices, and its matchmaking techniques. Our wish is after reading this; you will be informed about all you need to know about


Onlylads is a dating site that was made exclusively for gay and bisexual men by an entrepreneur called Jimmy Forrester Fellowes. It is a community where gay men can meet up and find sexual gratification and companionship from other gay men in either the same place as they are or different places. It is a homey and convenient service with a clean and modern interface and a mobile onlylads app to supplement the convenience. It is a service that users will enjoy interacting with.

Facts and Figures of

Onlylads has some pretty interesting numbers that rouse the interests of potential users. These include:

  • It prides itself on having over 1 million users from all over the world.
  • It gets over 30 000 weekly visits from users all over the world.
  • All 1 million users are supposed to be gay males.
  • There are members from all age groups over 18.
  • Most members are between 25 and 34.

Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Onlylads comes with several pros, and that makes it a favorite for many users. These include the fact that it has:
  • It has the Onlylads app, which makes online gay dating for users much more convenient and accessible on the go. The app has no limitations and comes with the same functions as the desktop website.
  • Free users can get to send ice-breakers and view images in decent standard definition, and it lets you browse up to 50 users, among many other benefits.
  • The app only requires a small amount of storage space.
  • You can see other users with their distance from you.
  • However, its Cons include:
  • The biggest problem is the high number of accounts on the website.
  • It is very hard to make contact with others as the accounts displayed will not be legit, which comes very frustratingly.


Members is one of the most popular gay dating sites, and the growing number of members seems to support this claim. The website is rumored to have over 1 million users worldwide, with about 150 000 of them coming from the US. It receives over 30 000 monthly visits from users, and through this, every user will have a chance to meet someone. Since it was launched not so long ago, this phenomenal rise of its site shows that it is a force to be reckoned with in the online gay dating arena.

onlylads members

Free vs. Paid Features lets users do a lot of different things. First, creating an account is free, and after that, you can also set up your profile for free. It also gives you many features, which you use for free; you send unlimited ice-breakers, which are gestures to show other users you have noticed them. For free, you can view pictures in standard definition and browse up to 50 profiles per day. You can also view 10 results pages per day. You can only have 10 friends on your friend’s list, put 20 people on your favorites list, and view those who liked your profile.

For the Paid features, which cost 12.95 a month, you get more and better features that provide you with value for your money. You can make an unlimited number of friends for the premium package and browse an unlimited number of profiles. You can also send an unlimited number of messages and see an unlimited number of search pages. You can see who visited your profile and who liked you, and most importantly, turn off advertisements. You will get these packages both on the website and through the Onlylads app.

Making Contact

Whether you are using the website or the Onlylads app, making contact is fairly easy. The first way to make contact is quite simple and does not need you to think. All you need to do is send an ice-breaker, which might be a wink. That is one way of grabbing the attention of other users. The other way is through messages. You can contact people through messaging and arrange a time and place where you would like to meet and take your arrangement to a more physical level.


How to become an verified member?

To become a verified member, you can call or email the Onlylads team and tell them that you wish to have your account verified to the verification process.

How to be safe at

Our review found out that Onlylads prioritizes its users’ safety above all else, and as such, it is a very safe gay dating site. Onlylads itself has a Privacy policy and a set of terms of usage that it strictly monitors for its users’ sake. Therefore, if you come across a suspicious account at, it has a report button where you can report the user. And the team will begin to investigate or bar that user from using the service.

If you feel that another user is abusing you, it allows you to block the user and bar them from talking to you.

Onlylads service and its Onlylads app resemble what black gay dating sites out to offer for their users – and you have our blessing; you are free to try it and reap the amazing results.